Ugly Pages of Ours (VIII)
by Soe Nay Lynn



In his book, A Manual of Buddhism, Narada Theca writes- strictly speaking, Buddhism cannot be called a religion because it is not a system of faith and worship which emphasizes the existence of supernatural God. Absolutely right. But do the majority of Buddhists in our country really understand the essence of Buddhism? Exactly not. Most of the Buddhists are merit-collectors.

They simply emphasize worshipping, praying and reciting some paritas they have learned by heart. They honestly believe that they’ll gain merit whenever they worship images of Buddha. Yet many many people are pretending to be religious to be considered as pious persons. Now, if I may be pardoned to say so. Buddhism is gradually distending with hypocrisy.

What on earth have I written? It is not religion that I’m forceful about. It has nothing to do with my own life. I have my talent, courage, fortitude, morality, principles and destination. No one can take these from me. But, like other people, I naturally am not able to foresee or foretell my future. No-one but me can determine my life or my future.

I don’t exactly know if vipaka, the reaction of Kamma (Karm in Sanskrit) exists. But in any case I must depend on myself. Good actions should condition good results. One must do one’s best. That’s all, I believe. No need to haggle about the consequences.

Now my second U-turn is in the offing. Nothing’s left. It is like re-climbing a ladder from the lowest rung. No matter how insecure that ladder is, I dare. The problem is that I’d like to do things straight forwardly, frankly, as the spirit moves me. I’d like to say, what I really mean. I want no phoniness. Yet I’ve come to know very well that humans enjoy creating hypocrisy.

They would convincingly accept almost all kinds of masquerading. Especially our society is getting used to ostensibility. They would say what they don’t really mean. The smiles they wear are glued on. If you are able to invent a mind-detector you can’t help but laugh when you know what is really going on in their minds. I don’t know if they realize the limbs of our society are turgid with pretentions and liars.

Yes, wherever you go, you can see various kinds of stalking-horse. Multi-coloured pretexts are getting more and more advanced. In social dealings consideration is almost impossible to be tested. Freud, a world famous psychoanalyst writes in his ‘Civilization and Its Discontents’ – Society tell us to cooperate with one another, indeed, even to ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’, yet by our nature, we are tempted to exploit our neighbour, to humiliate him, to cause him pain, to torture and to kill him. Right?

That’s why I have been so anxious to have a radical change. People are desperately needing to be reeducated. Not that I mean people are culpable. People are generally subject to the influence of food, clothing and shelter. It is natural, isn’t it?

One thing, of which I’m certain is that if the economy gets worse everything gets worse. A bad socio-economic system can produce all kinds of immoralities and corruptions. More and more people are getting ambiguous about what is right and just. They always are in a hurry to make money. They are nothing but money. Nor do they understand reputation and dignity. Dazzling mirages can be seen everywhere.

Strained behaviour becomes the core of social dealings. It is true that average people are surface seers. If the current social trend continues it will be like living in a jungle in which a variety of traps are set: With the march of time truth or reality has gradually been neglected and in some societies it is almost impossible to be found. The larger part of the population stands still and let that happen. It is odd, isn’t it? What? Daily newspapers? Oh, no, no I haven’t read them for a long time. They have no journalist’s principles, no news.

Almost all articles are libelous. Below staircase words are commonplace in them. How should I read them? They seem to think they are classy, writing such libelous articles. Well, their articles show their ignorance, thoughtlessness, poverty of philosophy and irresponsibility. Their so called newspapers cannot make history, can they? Everyone who has a thinking head knows that they can only make rubbish. But as for a press media it would be an indelible black spot. Sometimes their articles make me wonder if the writers really are human beings. Even if they are said to be humans, they must not have brains.

To be frank I have come to hate where I was born. Superficially the country I was born in seems to be locked. Yes, for a short visit it may be pleasurable and enjoyable. Because you are a visitor, not its citizen. You will be treated as a human being and shown specially prepared unrealities. You won’t see what is really happening under the surface. You won’t understand what people really feel. If you know what is going on in their minds, you will surely not be happy. It would be nice if you could get a chance to take a snap-shot of reality in our country. Ah I’m about to forget to tell you. Don’t forget tobring your flash.

By Soe Nay Lynn
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