Ugly Pages Of Ours (VII) –
By Soe Nay Lynn


PART [ Seven ]

Evil often triumphs, but never conquers.’ (the bible-Roman’s XII-21) As the significance of ‘Roman’s XII-21 of the Bible trickles into my heart, I gradually feel relaxed. But I know very well that my feelings are fluctuating. To what extent can I believe in the Bible? I must, however, concede that the Bible pacifies the human minds to some extent.

But merely pacifying? To be honest and frank I doubt that a religion is the ultimate remedy for our great problems. Can it cure the maladies of human society? No matter how righteous or powerful a religion may be there are deserts of problems it cannot submerge utterly. Yet this is not what I am concerned about. I believe that religion has nothing to do with our secular life.

Right from my childhood I haven’t believed that any celestial power can solve our problems. Whether you like it or not you must face the challenges of nature, we must confront the suffering accompanying our existence. Humans have incessantly tried to win over natural forces and soothe their sufferings. Up to our present age we can manage to control the natural forces.

But the trouble is that we cannot manipulate to get rid of the destructions of our worst enemy , human beings. Almost uncountable innocent men and women have had to sacrifice their lives on stakes, gallows and crosses. How silly and shameless human beings are! Have you ever seen the famous movie, ‘Killing Field’? Have you ever seen ‘The Third of May’, the famous painting by Francis de Goya y Lucientes?

I would like to compare the good and the bad of human beings with the formation of our earth. The good as land and the bad as water. Agree? Oh, let me stop here for a while, I have my responsibility to salute the student martyrs who were cruelly shot dead on the seventh of July, 1962. They were the first pro-democracy student protesters who courageously defied the military rule.

Now we can get on with our subject. Let’s try to think of what our future would be like. Is another Cold War probable? Will there be regional wars? Now the prospect of a pro-democracy movement blossoms in every totalitarian state. The cries of oppressed people are gradually deafening.

What is the meaning of the word, entente? Should this word guarantee carte blanche of any government? And the word non-interference sounds nice only for tyrannical governments, not for the oppressed people. Look, as for our country, people are being stifled in a flat box labeled ‘for the people’s sake.’ Excuse me for my candour.

Life, I think, looks a little dim this morning in spite of the fine weather. I see no rain clouds. In any case a rainy season should look like a rainy season. Not that I mean I like rainy season. The season I dislike most is rainy season. Oh, I know very well the usefulness and benefits of rainy season. But the usefulness and benefits are one thing and my like or dislike is another. I never like wetness and dampness.

Everyone has his or her like and dislike. That’s natural. Had it not interfered with other people’s rights, one would have been allowed to do whatever he or she would like to. What one likes may be what another dislikes. What one values may be what another doesn’t value. But there’s always a demarcation line between one person and another. There will be no problem until one tries to encroach another’s. I love roses. But I have no right to steal the roses that belong to other people. That’s very simple and understandable. The problem, however is that humans are always bent on infringing principles.

As a matter of fact, our lives are very very precarious. Unlike the situation of citizens of other countries, Burmese citizens seem to be trapped in a certain suspense, fear, anxiety, distress, and hopelessness almost always overwhelm them. But the trouble is that they are very contented and patient. And they are also impetuous and hotheaded in nature. If I may be allowed to say so they are very much like hay stacks, easy to catch fire fire and to turn into ash. As you know ashes cannot be rekindled.

We need valorous white flames that can completely exterminate the dominating satanic forces. Flames, white flames from the hearts of oppressed people. But now I can’t help feeling that the hearts of people are being squeezed by the icy and filthy hands of enormity. I can’t imagine how they can build up a tolerance to such kinds of injustice.

A lot of people are getting used to various kinds of seduction. It seems to be the only way-out for them. As a well-known Burmese saying goes, the more serious the unconsciousness of the patient, the more the doctor likes. Now, the doctor is watching his patient, whistling. Who cares?

Orally sending good wishes to all kinds of people and existences is all the rage in our country. Now they are sending good wishes with the help of amplifiers and horns. Well, yes, because of being unable to help other people physically they are sitting, sending their so-called good wishes orally. Sending good wishes doesn’t matter.

What matters to me is their loud, monotonous voices. Almost every evening creative imaginations are intervened by their strained voices. And another funny thing they always do is sharing merit they believe to obtain by their socially pretentious deeds. No, no, you won’t be charged, say, well done.

By Soe Nay Lynn
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