Ugly Pages of Ours(VI) by Soe Nay Lynn


Part [Six]

Ithink almost everyone would be elated if he or she was regarded as a patriot. One should love one’s country. He or she should not be blamed for this. To some extent it would not be dangerous. The important thing, I believe, is not to love it excessively. If it turns into a virulent patriotism it would try to crucify other civilizations.

To say one should love one’s country is not to say one should hate other countries. Some governments deliberately use patriotism and nationalism as an excuse for oppression.

We are now witnessing an outbreak of noisy propaganda leading us to an inappropriate combination of patriotism and nationalism in our country. The main aim is to prolong their rule as long as possible and deflect attention from oppression, violation of human rights, economic crisis and corruption. 

But it is obvious that it has nothing to do with public feelings. The truly depressing point is that so many intellectuals have yielded to economic temptation. They see only a patch of the bright side of the given economy. 

They have overlooked large spaces of darkness overwhelming the given so-called market-oriented economy. Look! We are walking into a cul-de-sac where life is no less harsh for the have-nots who manage to stay out of trouble with the law. Alas! We are always on the verge of being imprisoned.

Louerd as the sky is the wind is completely still. Like leaving no air to breathe. Trees seem to face great difficulty to show their choreography. The sky is getting darker and darker. Silence, yes, silence is overwhelming now. Absolute silence is sometimes, more threatening than sonorous explosions.

Right, silence has voices. You can hear voices of silence if you are intelligent enough. Sometimes it complains. Sometimes it narrates something. Sometimes it mumbles. Sometimes it warns. As we are talking, it starts to rain. Look, it is getting heavier and heavier. No, no wind associates. It is raining relentlessly. Fortunately I have nothing to do but to look at the raindrops bouncing off the ground, yes, they are protesting against something chanting slogans. 

Maybe ‘Down with dictatorship!’may be ‘Give us human rights!’may be ‘Stop violation of human rights!’may be ‘Long live democracy!’ ‘Long live…….!’

Time is running out surreptitiously. History intuitively and instinctively records processes of human societies leaf after leaf. No one can erase what has been recorded. Some names smell sweet. And some names smelled and smell loathsome. It was and is and will be determined by one’s deed. In other words one writes his or her own history. But don’t blindly trust. Sometimes history cannot reach some corners of human society.

Some wickedly cunning swindlers successfully found loopholes in history. Taking advantage of history and managing to boost their lives. Calm down, Calm down, we must know what we can and cannot do. I’ve had times that I had to stand still and let something happen that should not happen. I often feel uneasy and dejected for my inability. 

Why have I been burdened with inability? Is that because I wasn’t sufficiently interested in anything to want to devote my self to it? Is it the consequence of my not working hard enough in my education when I was young? Well, I should, I suppose, be blamed. But was it all my fault? What kind of education were we given? Millions of youth were degraded, and ignored. Who are the culprits?

Oh, you have suddenly had a bad cold? And you too, have got a bad cold? You also catch a cold? Then, immediately, everybody has got a cold. Well, I know, now relax. I won’t ask you who are the culprits. I understand that even a stare of an unknown person can make you feel afraid. What an atmosphere! We should have an alternative.

Agree? It is deplorable that we, Burmese people have become accustomed to having no alternatives and common indignities. The central problem is whether the people dare to make a choice or not. If they have enough courage to face the consequences of their choices, there will be no problem. And if so we have, I believe, no reason to live in such an atmosphere.

There is no doubt that everyone likes fine weather. Natural forces make weather, you know. But as environmentalists say we must preserve our forests, keep our seas and air as clean as possible. Therefore the human factor is very important in creating weather. Well, what about our political weather? What forces make our political weather? Politicians? Arms forces? No, no, they have no right to make our political weather. Yes, we, people ourselves must determine our political weather. We have the right to choose a political system that we like. We have the right to change the direction we want to go in. 

And we have right to authorize a government we have elected or unauthorize a government we have come to dislike. This is the most important and fundamental right of ours. We all must stand up for this right. Now think it over. Do you really have this right? What if something has deprived us of this right? Would you stand still and let that happen? Remember my words, you have an alternative.

We need more candidness about what we want and what we don’t want. We should not follow the saying ‘Silence is golden’ everywhere. As you know we have the voice or power to ask for what we really want. I have my dreams-and so do you all. No one should give up a dream without giving it a chance to come true.

I mean don’t give up without even trying. I am sure if you never do anything bold you never get important answers. What about responsibility? Do you think you have the right to have no responsibility for anything? No matter how feeble you are, you will have your responsibilities. Only cowards try to shirk responsibility. Be brave. One saying goes like this: fortune favours the brave.

By Soe Nay Lynn
* Note: Ugly Pages of Ours: (Part 6 of 8).

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